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Hello dear visitor, welcome to my world of magic, a ride that will take you on a journey deep within your soul and make you dream, feel and see the world like never before through my stories. I always say that you don’t take photographs, you create them, and that’s what my work has been based on. It takes so many hours, days of planning, creating and organizing a photo shoot, but it takes only one click, only one perfect shot to take you on this special adventure and make you believe in the pureness of heart, importance of feelings, and see that the mind is a powerful tool which can give you an escape to your own fairytale. – NATALI KARPPINEN


It`s not so often in this trade that I come across with such an enthusiastic and dedicated artist as she is. I`ve found her to be consistently genuine in her art, tackling all that she does with dedication and passion. She has successfully developed a style of photography which has the power to carry the viewer into the Truth within dreams, into innocence we so easily lose. Her work is something truly impressive and admirable, and it`s been a huge privilege to model for her. – TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN OF NIGHTWISH

Read the interview in Anna magazine (in Finnish) | April 2014